August 12, 2012


Paul Ryan is the final proof to me that this country simply doesn't have a news media anymore. Regardless of you liking/hating Obama or supporting/opposing a right-wing economic plan, we don't have people we used to have simply stating for the fact that almost everything he says is a complete lie. This isn't a partisan observation; his tax plan literally doesn't work using a highly biased system called "math." Politics, and yes, Republican politics by a much larger percentage, has become a matter of people just saying something like it's a fact and... no one cares. People pointed out a year ago that Ryan's plan will destroy Medicare. The Washington Post, the paper that brought down Nixon, responded by awarding that fact four cartoon Pinnochio heads. Journalism.

There used to be responsible, trustworthy people who pointed out when liars are liars. The Republican ticket is Harold Hill from The Music Man and no one cares because everyone on the teevee this weekend is talking about how lovely Paul Ryan's singing voice is.

Posted by August J. Pollak at 10:59 AM