I am beautiful, no matter what you say. Your words can't bring me down.

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There's a Facebook page for fans of the strip. I do have a personal Facebook profile, but I only accept friends I actually know. Nothing personal, it's just, you know, personal.

If you interested in freelance work or reprint rights for a cartoon, please keep in mind that in almost all cases I would really like to be paid for it.

If you are writing to deliver comments, questions, or links you think I'd like in regards to the weblog, then please take note of the following before doing so:

If you are a Nigerian with a penchant for writing in all-caps who requires my financial information for the purpose of transmitting several million dollars in gold bars from an undisclosed vault, please take up such affiars with my accountant. If you are an internet marketer, please note that I have all the printer ink and I need and that I am already perfectly comfortable with both the size of my penis and its functionality.

Frequently asked questions about the strip, the characters, and other stuff can be found here.