July 10, 2012

Something something kangaroo-years joke

A hearty congratulations to Skippy, who celebrates ten years of blogging. Most of them with a really silly cartoon kangaroo on his homepage.

(Thanks to Skippy I think technically I can claim I've had fanart made of my work.)

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July 9, 2012

And A

In which a subject of completely unrelated context turns into one of the most poignant statements about our current media in recent memory:

That said, my journey to making this documentary happens to coincide with my growing frustration with the vituperative nature of political discourse in America. I don't like Fox News, but I don't like MSNBC either. Nor Pacifica Radio; or AirAmerica; or Rush Limbaugh; or any other agenda driven "news" outlet. I'm of the opinion that one enters personal or public dialogue in one of two ways: to seek the truth or win the argument. The news programs mentioned are, for the most part, in the latter category. They have become ratings driven entertainment and, more often-than-not, they are mean-spirited and disingenuous. Current events are difficult enough to understand without being purposely mislead by news organizations unconstrained by the truth.

The quote is from actor/filmmaker John DeLancie, best known as "Q" from Star Trek, who is talking about negative comments he recieved in the media. Not about Obama, or the election, or even politics in general, but about a documentary he is currently making about... adult fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Because, apparently, people actually involved in politics and news media were all too busy to point this out.

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