February 21, 2012

"The Fluffy Bunny Friends of Sugardrop Smiletime Meadow Explain Forced Vaginal Penetration"

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So, yeah. This was a thing that happened. I've been drawing this comic for 12 years and I think this is actually the first time I ever dropped an F-bomb in it; but that was honestly my reaction to the story at first and I imagine if you haven't heard about this already, you just want to look at some cute bunnies for a bit before biting into your belt or purse strap or something.

In unrelated matters, I face a rare moment of getting too many e-mails to respond to all of them about something. But thank you to everyone who sent in positive feedback about the Time Pirate story, and yes, more funny(?) writing is coming.

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Posted by August J. Pollak at 9:47 AM