December 12, 2011

"Plan A"

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Last week the Obama administration decided to overrule the Food & Drug Administration, whose job is, primarily, to know how best to administer food and drugs, by maintaining a ban on over-the-counter sales of Plan B to girls under the age of 17, despite everyone who isn't running for re-election next year disagreeing with it. This is the first time in history that Health & Human Services has used its authority to override the FDA, which is just great, because there will never again be a Republican in the White House who now has precendent set for them to rule that they have better ideas about science than scientists.

Technically, the White House claimed this wasn't their call and was it was entirely the decision of HHS head Kathleen Sebelius, because that's a thing you believe if you're a stupid person. So basically, either the head of HHS ignored virtually unanimous rulings from experts about the safety and usefulness of making Plan B completely over the counter in an act of blatant politics-over-science, without informing the President about this, which means Sebelius should be fired, or President Obama just lied both just now and about his campaign promise to never put political ease over sound science, in which case he should, you know, stop being President right now.

In case I was being slightly vague on all this, the idea I'm presenting here is fuck you President Obama, you lying, cowering asshole. By far the greatest insult here is, of course, the thousands if not millions of young, scared girls who will suffer because of this, but a distant second is the insult levied to everyone in the country by your pretending that we all don't know exactly why this happened.

This is a perfect example of the cowardice that pisses off progressives. The administration that promised on Day One that they would not "put politics over policy" just blatantly went out of their way to craft policy that would prevent nasty political ads. We're running for office, for goodness sake, so I guess this time around the slogan is "Obama 2012: Women Are Slightly Less Politically Inconvenient To Us Than To Mitt Romney."

If he loses next year, it's because of things like this. And he'd deserve it.

There's only a few days left to buy some crap if you want it before Christmas. It's holiday time, meaning I physically abandon the place where the books are kept and mailed from after next week so... seriously. Last chance here.

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Posted by August J. Pollak at 12:36 PM