October 6, 2011

You can't teach a Sneetch

MoJo had an article last year about the plight of Tea Party die-hards. In this case it was people who were declaring themselves the "organizers" and "heads" of unofficial coalitions promoting Tea Party politics and in many cases specific people like Sarah Palin. These were people so obsessed with Palin that they honestly believed they could just get a "head start" on being part of a presidential campaign that didn't exist, completely ignoring that all they were doing was taking all their money and setting it on fire. Here's what I wrote a year ago:

I'm not being sarcastic here. I really do feel sorry for these people. I had friends who worked in DC on various Democratic election campaigns. They mostly found work, no matter who they worked for. Hillary people were offered jobs. Edwards people were offered jobs. It's because they had contacts within DC and the campaign circle, and proven records of work for their organizations.

These people who think they're the foot soldiers in a growing army are as deluded as the Sneetches and are going to end up just as broke, only instead of learning a valuable lesson about tolerance they're just going to be angrier at minorities and gays and anything not white and evangelical. Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin do not give a shit about them, their finances, or their futures in any "movement" beyond selling their books. The GOP does not give a shit about them past November. Jesus, the entire GOP platform is based on these people not improving their lives so they stay angry about it. Have none of them figured this out? Or is the light from the podium just that powerful?

To co-opt an analogy made by Tycho of Penny Arcade, these people think they found Moses and are following him to a parking lot.

Last night I too hopped onto Twitter to gloat about Palin doing what everyone not living on a planet of their own creation knew for, literally, years at this point: deciding that making millions of dollars pretending to want to be president was a better plan for her than actually wanting to perform her curious definition of "help" on the little people. And let's be honest here- there are armies of people who deserve their noses rubbed in this. There are people who deserve to have cosmetic surgery done for the sole purpose of having additional noses implanted just to have rubbed in this.

It turns out, though, that watching more people get kicked in the dirt isn't really entertaining these days. Teabaggers are dipshits but I don't think dipshits deserve to lose their homes because they were suckered by even bigger dipshits.

Posted by August J. Pollak at 1:52 PM

October 3, 2011

"Decision 2012: (Remainder of Title Spoils Joke)"

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I realize this could be one of those moments I look back on in six months and feel very sheepish about, but I don't think it's likely. I'm not saying this like I'm bragging or anything but I sort of assumed that much of the 2012 primary was going to be the media looking for ways to pretend that one of two or three people wasn't the obvious end result of weeding out the remaining crazies and/or opportunists in the Republican field. Romney just made it easier by being the only one of those two or three to even run in the first place.

The last week has been an embarassment for the media, and this is the media we're talking about. Thousands of people are protesting on Wall Street and it's completely ignored in favor of another hour of coverage about how Chris Christie saying he isn't running for president might mean he is. Just... just stop, media. This is just sad.

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Posted by August J. Pollak at 10:56 PM