September 20, 2011

"Time to Google"

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Reading right-wing message boards is like asking a nine-year old child (or my friend Ed, I guess) to explain Pokemon to you. Expect no less than thirty percent of the conversation to involve words that you have never heard but the lecturer assumes you, like him, know of to intensive detail. This is because right-wing message boards devote most of their time to finding something that could be a Democratic scandal, immediately declaring that it is a Democratic scandal, and whining back and forth with each other about why the media has not devoted their entire news cycle to this clear and obvious Democratic scandal.

Words like "Alinsky" and "Gunwalker" and of course "Solyndra," a scandal of such severity that I could not find two Rick Perry supporters with matching explanations if you paid me, remind me of when a musician or popular television show makes an offhand reference to a sexual act and everyone around suddenly thinks it's a problem if they don't pretend that they, too, know what the definition of it is.

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Posted by August J. Pollak at 4:31 PM