September 15, 2011


So the story has hit that a Republican congressman "stole" the name of The American Jobs Act by submitting a bill with that title first. This is apparently a sweeping victory against Obama's soshulizum or whatever they think this means.

Except it doesn't really mean anything. Republicans can name, and pass, whatever they want. "The American Jobs Act" could have been a bill that banned smoking on Pluto or whatever... if the House passes it, they can laugh and smirk and brag about it on Fox News... and then the adults in the Senate leadership can take the bill and replace every single word of the text with Obama's plan. That's what Conference Committee is all about- it's to resolve the differences between the Senate and House version of a bill.

So basically, the Republicans just introduced the bill, so they can either pass it and have it changed in the Senate, or they can ignore it and brag about how they refuse to pass "The American Jobs Act of 2011." That's... that's some great one-upping the President there guys.

I realize this isn't much of a surprise anymore, but the right is bragging about how they wasted time to do nothing and look like children about it. And that's today's update from the greatest country in the world.

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September 14, 2011

The day Paul Krugman shut down the entire internet

That this steaming pile of self-entitled excrement was even written, let alone that there are people who agree with it, is indicative of a class of people who have way too much free time and far too little respect for the precariousness of the employment market.

As I've oft noted before, everyone's methods may vary, but the reason I don't have comments on my site, never have, and likely never will, is half because there is a precious dearth of free time to devote to moderating the idle thought-turds of, let's say, everyone on the planet, and half because I created this blog to exercise my freedom of speech and I'm not obligated to provide that to said rest of universe with ability to do that on their own. If that has cost me traffic, readers, goodwill or revenue, so be it. But some way, somehow, a large portion of you have found a way to contact me, almost as if I have some magical digital mailbox with which you can direct your opinions to me. Very often I have seen someone respond to something I said or drew on another website. My god, were you aware of that? When I discovered that I was not the only person in the world who could create an internet page and post patterns of characters that formed coherent sentences, you would not believe how stifled I felt. What kind of coward are you, rest of the internet?

Christ on a crutch. One day the majority of old, white, financially-stable, male internet users who encompass the bulk of most political blog comment sections will discover that feeling they have been slighted by their own interpretation of censorship ranks on the ladder of universal problems just a rung or two above the TiVo forgetting to fully record the episode of South Park where they were taught that entitled people not being allowed to do whatever they want is the worst sin in the world to begin with.

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September 12, 2011

"Blocking Funds"

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President Obama announced his latest jobs plan and the Republican leadership is spending most of the day finding creative ways to avoid actually saying they think this "do absolutely nothing" thing is working out pretty sweet for them.

It's frustrating how, before I posted this cartoon, I showed it to some friends and more than one said the same thing: "That's exactly how they would respond to that." The "that" in question is the fictional world-breaker depicted in the final panel, and the "they" are of course the people we nominate every two years to make six figures for peeing on us. We've reached the point in this presidency where failure to instill optimism in the face of theoretical Lovecraftian apocalypses are the norm. How does one write "sigh" in the Elder Tongue?

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Posted by August J. Pollak at 6:08 PM