September 9, 2011

That thing that happened

From about nine years ago until a few days ago I assumed I'd have something significant to say about 9/11 this weekend and honestly, I don't. In retrospect, most people don't realize how much their life will change over ten years, especially when they're still in their 20's at the start of said time period.

Save for the possible cancer I'll discover I have in a few years from breathing dissolved building insulation for three weeks (thanks, Christie Todd Whitman!) I have spent several years realizing that I am incredibly lucky to have little right to offer personal experiences about 9/11. I was there, I watched it happen, I was affected by it. I didn't lose family or friends, and many did, and they have an insight about it that I'll never have and never understand. So I guess my point is I don't feel I have any authority to offer insight about ten years later but at the same time have no right to comment on how anyone else is determining theirs. (With the exception, I guess, of everyone who decided that it was an excuse to demand that we all hurt and kill each other a lot more.)

As far as here, this site, this comic--well, look. When it comes down to it my "response" to 9/11 was pretty much everything I've written and drawn for the last ten years. I think that will just have to stand for itself, good or bad. I don't think this weekend or any other day is more or less relevant to my opinion that the world is messed up and it would be pretty awesome if people did their best to hurt and kill each other less.

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And now two articles that I will put right next to each other so you can laugh at them

Michele Bachmann says Obama 'Insulted' Congress By Calling It A Political Circus.

"It was interesting to me that if you look at the president's remarks, almost out of the gate, the president began by insulting members of Congress," she said. "He invited them to be a part of this address this evening...And yet he began with an insult -- for a circus tent."

"That isn't what this is. I don't consider the greatest, most deliberative body in the United States, the House of Representatives, a circus, a political circus," Bachmann continued. "It isn't at all."

Congressman holds up sign during Obama's speech.

"Drilling(equals)jobs," it read in big black letters. Seated two rows behind the well-mannered Wilson, R-S.C., Landry held it up when Obama acknowledged that Republicans might have ideas different from his $447 billion jobs package.

Congress is not a circus. It's just a place where grown up elected officials hold signs up while the President of the United States is talking to taunt him.

(P.S. just a thought but you know what might be considered really insulting? Ten percent permanent unemployment.)

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September 7, 2011

You should all buy Jonathan Coulton's new album

Coulton's new album is out and it's worth the price alone for the song "Glasses." The lyrics are just brilliant. Half of you will understand this and half of you won't, but the best way I can describe why I like it is that it's one of those songs that makes you suddenly think about someone and how you wish you could talk to them right now.

Go buy now.

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September 6, 2011

"Emphasis on the Former"

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Every election cycle, there's always a sudden spate of unemployed conservative pundits and former Republican politicians who miraculously feel free to talk about how much they hate all the people who voted for them. There were two in the last week alone, and I'm sure you'll hear more when candidates drop out of the nomination race. (There is likely a stronger race to see who gets the first Bachmann tell-all book from "inside the campaign" than there is for the actual GOP nomination itself.) Despite all that, top people in the White House seem oblivious to the concept that attacking Republicans for how crazy they are is a profitable strategy.

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