July 30, 2011

Here is a photo of David Letterman and Harrison Ford riding horses through Manhattan together

Because you need this, that's why.

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July 25, 2011

"The Fantabulous Logic of Grover Norquist"

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Grover Norquist has been one of the strongest proponents of the talking point that not voting to continue the Bush tax cuts would be the same thing as voting for a tax increase. This is because shut up and give us your money, that's why.

Norquist can only be described as what a complete lunatic would be if he wasn't actually crazy. He's not actually insane, and he has no religious fundamentalism to his nature, unless you count tax cuts, which I think he believes in more than the Pope believes in Jesus. Oh, also he effectively controls almost the entire Republican Party and probably a bunch of Democrats too, which is, in the current state of our nation, a wonderful position for an unelected millionaire to have, don't you agree?

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You guys are awesome

I would be remiss in acknowledging the handful of you who decided to actually mail me toy weasel balls last week. I am quite the obscure cartoonist but the idea that I can actually have silly stuff like that happen to me makes it all worth it.

At least one weasel ball is being donated to the loving paws of a friend's cat who is, amazingly enough, named Waffles.

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I try to build bridges

Oliver Willis has a handful of right-wing trolls who stalk his website and try to stir shit up. So you can imagine when a subject as grating to old, white, bitter, old, hateful, old, and old right-wingers as gay people being allowed to have dignity and respect comes up, they go crazy.

One of his most frustrated trolls is a guy named Frank DiSalle who appears quite perturbed that whenever he takes a poop on Oliver's site, he is forced to endure smarter people responding to him:

Pollak ... once again I must remind you that neither of you have either the right or the standing to be condescending. Neither of you have ever indicated in any way, shape or form that you are either intelligent, insightful or witty. In fact, your sole function here seems to be to provide a running commentary on what you think of conservative commenters. I strongly suggest you get your own blog, and do that there, and stop acting like pseudo pseudo intellectual buffoons ( I used "pseudo" twice, because you are not even good at being pseudo intellectuals).

So... there you go. See, sometimes I'm a helper. You're welcome, Frank. Good luck with your own functions.

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