May 25, 2011

I can only feel so sorry

Seconding Atrios here in observing how horrible it is that Florida elected a criminal monster to run the state, while also observing that this wasn't exactly a secret to most Florida voters, you morons.

I don't wish misfortune on people merely for being morons but I feel like the Garbage Commissioner that Steve Martin played in that episode of The Simpsons. This wasn't like a "oh my political beliefs differ greatly from his!" situation; he was caught in Medicare fraud before he was even elected and owns companies that directly profit from his actions as governor. He said he was going to slash state spending and the state is what pays for schools and transportation. Forgive me for rolling my eyes when a few months after voting Lex Luthor into office the citizens of Florida are somewhat perturbed about the Kryptonite-powered Doomsday Device being built just on the edge of the city.

Oh, and I'm from New Jersey. New Jerseyans are all morons too, for the exact same reasons.

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Still crazy after all these years

I met Pamela Gellar once, very briefly, in Washington DC in 2006. I was reporting on a Pajamas Media event at the National Press Club in DC. She was visibly drunk and spent most of the event yelling stuff and saying "wooo!" to bad jokes about liberals made during the panel and trying to have sex with Michael Totten.

I don't really know why I think that's all important--I'm certainly not trying to go all TMZ on you guys here-- but perhaps maybe in context of what a racist lunatic she's become even more of over the last five years it's a statement on how sad we've become in punditry that we can wish for a time when a particular pundit was merely just really annoying.

She's likely always been this racist, violent and sociopathic, but five years ago a major cable news network wasn't inviting her on weekly. But I guess it's only the media's fault when a kid shoots up a school or something.

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May 23, 2011

"Online Conservatives"

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Being a right-winger who is active online must be one of the most comforting experiences ever. I'll admit it--I'm jealous. It's an envy the way one would be, say, jealous of a kitten for having such an easy life of sleeping all day and not having to go to work, ignoring that they're also a stupid animal with a brain the size of an almond that cleans its own butt with its tongue. I think I'm going to get a cat and name it #TrigsCrew.

Seven of you got that joke. For everyone else: this week's installment is inspired by many things, but in particular it's dedicated to a writer at Wonkette who made a bunch of anti-Palin jokes two months ago, which led to hundreds of online conservatives forming a group (online conservatives love forming groups. With missions. And titles. Seriously, the internet really makes so many sad things seem rational) to try and get Wonkette removed from... the internet I guess. So, two months later, he announced that he's moving on from the site to do more comedy writing and this, of course, is merely the cover up because what really happened is the whining from people on the internet two months ago led him to getting fired and oh my god this is really what they think about everything all the time. This all happened on Twitter, by the way, a website that at the time I am writing this has "dead baby" listed as a popular conversation topic.

That's just one example, but the online right is really a swelling community of people who reassure their nonsense by telling it back and forth. A creature of outrage, the right-winger thrives online, because internet commentary is a system based entirely on brute force--if there are more of you, you have more traffic and readers, and are louder, you win.

It is a tragedy that this terrible digital currency occasionally is accepted in the real world--case in point, the 2010 elections and every time someone gets fired because Andrew Breitbart lies about them (and seriously, that's been happening a lot. Can we stop believing him anytime soon, please? By we I mean media people. I personally already know he's an asshat.)

Shorter version: meet a bunch of people who accomplish nothing and take credit for everything. And then we wonder why there's a Tea Party.

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