May 12, 2011

Don't worry, it's a revolving door so it's impossible for it to hit me on the way out

One of the FCC Commissioners who approved of the massive Comcast-NBC merger only four months ago will be leaving for a new job. As a lobbyist for Comcast-NBC.

Clearly, what we need to do is investigate why public schoolteachers are getting paid too much.

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This isn't hard

It's nice to see someone making this obvious point, finally: if we are spending money that could go elsewhere to give tax breaks to rich people, then yes, tax cuts are also, dun dun dunnnn, spending. It's also nice to point out that eliminating the money we are, again, spending, on making rich people happy, is the single largest single spending cut we can make to reduce the deficit that conservatives are pretending to care about.

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May 11, 2011

DNA. RIP 1952-2001

So long. And thanks
March 11, 1952 - May 11, 2001

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May 10, 2011

This is not safe for work

But it is good.

So good.

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"Photo Opportunities"

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For a good chunk of Americans, after a decade of all forms of personal liberties and privacy rights being stripped away, the line that can finally not be crossed for personal freedom is for one that was just invented a few hours earlier: we all somehow have the right to instant, unlimited access to photos of covert military operations. That's.... that's some great standing up for yourself there, America.

There are many downsides to the existence of the internet, the creation of inflated entitlement among the worst. Fifteen years ago most of us didn't know what a "web browser" was. Now, thanks to technology, I've learned that someone, somewhere, somehow, owes me photos of corpses alongside my free MP3s.

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