February 21, 2011

"Congressmen's Union"

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The United States Congress is the most protected and overpaid organization of public employees in the country, and half of them are spending their time and your tax dollars whining about how school teachers and postal workers are getting paid too much. Has a single member of Congress proposed that they all take ten percent pay cuts? Or that they have to start contributing more of their salary to health care? This comic is being posted on the start of yet another week when Congress doesn't actually meet. But blah blah teachers are lazy they get July and August off ell-oh-ell.

As to Wisconsin, I really have found all the hypocritical whining from the right to be hysterical. Oh, the teachers are inconveniencing you because they also pay rent? Remember a year ago, when if you were frustrated with how the government was treating you and abusing your rights as a worker, refusing to work was called "going Galt?" And how for anyone stupid enough to say that openly, that meant going to a Palin speech one weekend and talking about how you felt like you were a revolutionary? Here's a special memo to teabaggers: unions go on strike to protect their rights. They actually do what you were all cosplaying last year.

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Posted by August J. Pollak at 9:10 AM