February 18, 2011

Respec mah authoratah

For an entire Congressional session, Republicans have filibustered every single bill, and now Democrats in Wisconsin are refusing to allow a quorum to likewise block a vote. For this, right-wingers suddenly feel the national guard should be authorized to force people to do something. Filibusters are the only precious thread holding democracy together but what the Democrats are doing now should be punishable by jail time because shut up, that's why.

A statement, of course, which is in itself hilarious, as after three or so years of insisting that Barack Hussein Soetero McKenya Hitler Obama is an evil totalitarian who opposes the will of the people and is attempting to turn the country into a dictatorial authoritarian state, suddenly what would give every single reader of RedState.com a contact-your-doctor-its-been-over-four-hours hardon would be if the governor of Wisconsin was given absolute authority to fire half the state Senate and order the military to bring them before him in handcuffs.

The point being, this was always about them just getting whatever they want. That's what it's always been about. That is what, tragically, a majority of the country elected last year. A bunch of people who are completely opposed to democracy unless they win.

The teachable moment of what's happening this week in Wisconsin is that maybe, just maybe, the Obama administration can finally start listening to what the DFHs have been saying for about three years and acknowledge that the Tea Party right is not willing to listen to or negotiate with Democrats or liberals in any way whatsoever. After two years of a nearly filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and respective refusal to do absolutely anything that resembled negotiation with the majority party, the swarm of newly-elected Republicans like the governor of Wisconsin are applying their own brand of compromise to politics, in the form of "we won, do everything we say, right now." They ignored all of this for three years and guess what, they now are going to have to fight this thirty or so times over at the state level.

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February 15, 2011

They were all wrong and they don't care because shut up that's why

You would think that it would be a slightly larger story that the guy who was used to claim that Saddam had WMDs confessed he was lying.

Of course, as I noted before, that was then and why should anyone apologize just because hundreds of thousands of people died for no reason. Blah blah hippies French people pictures of the World Trade Center.

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February 14, 2011

"This Week in Cartooning"

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The big story last week was Egypt, which most cartoonists handled with the traditional method of taking a subject that was incredibly complex and finding a common household object and/or upcoming movie to relate it to, badly. I did not do this, or for that matter even speak of Egypt, because I new nothing about it and have no intention of pretending otherwise. Today is also Valentine's Day, which means I am about to go to my favorite editorial cartoonist website, look at today's offerings, and be even more depressed than I usually am on Valentine's Day.

Also, last week Arianna Huffington made shit tons of money stealing your content. I'm surprised at the number of people surprised by this.

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