January 18, 2011

Burying the lede

With the rumors starting to spill in that Joe Lieberman's going to announce he's not running for re-election, is there even the slightest, most remote chance that anyone in the media will actually point out it's becuase he has absolutely no chance of winning because everybody hates him? Or are we going to get hour-long retrospectives and/or discussions about how mean liberals were mean to him with their meanness?

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"Revisionist MLK Action Figure"

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Another year has gone by and we've once again reached that very solemn, special day where conservatives and warmongers pretend that Martin Luther King Jr. would have supported whatever stupid thing they supported. The two most common ones are of course that King was against Affirmative Action based on two lines of one of his speeches irrespective of everything else he said, ever, and that he was a registered Republican because you're fucking stupid.

But those were both topped with bravado from the Obama administration this year when a member of the Department of Defense explained, quite seriously, that King would have supported the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I suppose the optimist in me could say well, at least the White House finlally did something that exceeded all our expectations.

And so, this week's offering. Because if everyone's going to pretend that Martin Luther King was their fantasy war hero, they might as well actually carry the equipment of small children with them.

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January 17, 2011


Monday's comic to arrive later this evening.

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