December 18, 2010

Wow, that's impressive in its sleaziness

After being shamed by a comedian, Fox News finally mentions the 9/11 responders bill being blocked by Senate Republicans. So, here's two guys on Fox News, talking about it for three minutes, and neither of them uses the word "Republicans" at all.

"These people" didn't block the bill you assholes.

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December 16, 2010


John Thune, the internet troll of the United States Senate:

South Dakota's John Thune, one of three members of the leadership at the presser, made a purely political argument: Democrats looked "incompetent" by holding this vote in the lame duck. "The Democrat leadership somehow thinks that being here Christmas week is an act of courage," said Thune, suggesting that Americans were asking "What's wrong with these guys? Why can't they get their work done in a reasonable time?"

Wow, what a prick.

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December 13, 2010

"Schrodinger's Liberal"

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The most common observation I've made this year is how bloggers and pundits who are desperate to blame the failures of the Obama administration on the people who point out the failures of the Obama administration as opposed to the actual Obama administration can turn on a dime about whether or not they're pretending to listen to anyone. I've read a painfully large number of comment threads where a single person can, often within minutes, attack a dissatisfied progressive by saying how liberals are a stupid, insignificant minority. Those stupid bloggers think they matter, well they don't! They're nothing! No one cares what they say or do!

Oh, but if Obama loses twenty million voters it's absolutely that same person's fault. Yeah, that totally makes sense. Certainly more than, you know, you having just been wrong.

Well, folks, that's a great way to wrap up 2010, don't you think? This marks the last comic of the year. As the old-timers know, I take some time to make a special comic for Christmas and then return as normal in January. Today is also your last day to order the new book in time to ensure pre-Christmas delivery. As my advance gift to you, that also means the last time I'll annoy you about it.

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December 12, 2010


I occasionally make this post and I guess I should once more because I was nice enough to get a lot of traffic from large blogs this weekend that brought a bunch of new people to the site. So I apologize to any of you if this offends you.

A bunch of people have sent requests to be my friend on Facebook and while I appreciate your interest I don't friend people on Facebook I've never met. This is why I created a fan page for the comic and if you want updates about that, etc. straight through Facebook that's the way to go. I actually say very little about the comic on my Facebook page; it's what I use for my personal life.

Anyway, this comes up every now and then and I'm sure you'll understand that it's nothing personal if I didn't accept your friend request. Except about the part where it's personal. Alright then.

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