November 22, 2010

"Racism's Tough"

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On the rare occasion I link to a thread on FreeRepublic I make the caveat that it's shooting fish in a white, angry racist barrel. But when you really want to capture the zeitgeist of the unwavering right (they currently run banners calling Mitt Romney a Marxist) there's no better place. So the thread I stumbled across the other day was a thing of sad, sad beauty. Witness the typical, kneejerk celebration of a Democrat [sic] defeat: the denial by Congress to extend unemployment benefits. Then it gets, shall we say, awkward around comment #50 when someone make a very rare gesture on that site and strays from the flock, and in no less a way than declaring that, to the surprise of most there, that conservative, ignorant white people like him apparently may also become poor.

For the older white right-winger, the statistical odds remain that you are in better shape than The Others. But nowadays that's even in doubt. For far too long a majority of this country has never really understood that just being able to blame an incoming minority group for all their troubles was a luxury.

I apologize, slightly, that I have to leave you with that charming thought for the next two weeks but the strip will take next Sunday off due to Thanksgiving holiday travel. I'll be unable to fill orders from Wednesday until next Monday, so if you are considering ordering the new book as a Chanukah gift, you need to place your order, well, today. If you want one before Christmas, make sure to place an order before December 10.

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Posted by August J. Pollak at 8:16 AM