November 10, 2010


So in addition to invading the privacy of other journalists by printing their personal emails, Tucker Carlson is boasting about impersonating another public figure for... well does it even matter what for? Is this guy for real?

Keith Olbermann almost gets fired because he openly donated money to a political campaign. Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson was a person who two seperate news networks hired. As a journalist. Think about that, but not for too long because I can verify that you just get really, really angry.

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November 9, 2010

Yay, internet polls

The magical place where a few hundred people think it's okay for a government official to stalk people.

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November 8, 2010

"NBC Integrity"

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Like most other sentient beings, I'm struggling to figure out what the hell the entire Keith Olbermann deal was this weekend. "Indefinitely suspended" doesn't usually end up being "over the weekend," meaning the late-night announcement of Olbermann's return seems to suggest that whatever idiots ordered his "suspension" got caught off guard by the sheer number of people raising the point that it made no sense whatsoever.

I suppose I'm a little harsh on NBC and their associated networks here. After all, every network has its lineup of terrible shows. But I don't excuse MSNBC and NBC and NBC news being "different branches" anymore than I excuse the existence of Fox News because the same company airs The Simpsons. If you make a stupid product, you make a stupid product.

Now, to business: I am very, very disappointed that well over seven billion people alive on this planet, yourselves included, have not yet purchased a copy of the new book. I intend to keep reminding you of this until such an atrocity is corrected. Buy your copy of You're Still an A%*hole For Voting For Nader immediately. I hear rumors that festive days traditionally associated with the giving of gifts are approaching. Perhaps two birds can be felled with one stone here.

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November 7, 2010

Re: Republicans governors claiming they want to "opt out" of Medicare and/or Social Security

It's stupid and they're stupid and their stupid idea is stupid and their stupid, stupid idea will never get past the stage of them talking stupid things about it but making stupid people who vote for them happy because stupid people love to hear stupid things from people who are also stupid.

And there is literally no reason to raise any level of discussion on it beyond that.

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