October 29, 2010

You're Still an A%*hole For Voting For Nader

BUY IT!I am very pleased to announce that You're Still an A%*hole For Voting For Nader is now available for purchase on the merch page. Feel free to order several copies, all of which you can have signed. There are even combo packs if you've haven't bought earlier books and want to save on shipping. And if you want to spend even more on shipping, 48-hour priority delivery is available for an extra three bucks.

For long-time readers you may note a few changes have been made to the catalog. The combo 3-pack is now all three of my books. Attitude 3 is no longer part of a combo pack because I have literally two copies left. I don't forsee getting any more, so if you're still considering a copy, at least from me you have two chances left.

Also, sadly at this time I've taken down the signed prints. This is mostly because of resources: I no longer have a printer that I feel makes high enough quality printouts. If you're still interested in one, contact me directly and I'll get you pricing information about having something professionally printed out for you.

However, I imagine most of you just want the new book so.... buy some crap!

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October 27, 2010

I am prescient, if not popular

Idiot from BigJournalism.com drops a "let me get this straight." Readers of this site laugh and point and laugh some more.

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Joe Miller spent a few months trying to hide documents proving he lied about ethics violations. The courts finally ruled he needs to release his records, and amazingly, they prove that he's a liar. In a "no, seriously, he confessed, people" kind of way.

And of course in five days he'll likely become Alaska's next senator. Because we all as a country collectively hate ourselves.

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October 25, 2010

"Government-Funded Organizations"

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Reading some of the whining conservatives made on-air and online about NPR firing Juan Williams because he was a bigoted, conniving hack for Fox News, you can't even say much because the sheer hypocrisy of the right complaining about "repressing free speech" is so enormous it just creates a vortex of ignorance in which no rational thought can escape.

Many on the right, who have for years been demanding that federal dollars stop going to NPR, are now pretending they have a reason to stop funding the station other than just being bigoted, conniving hacks. You can tell how stupid it is by the sheer level of anger they're expressing about it three weeks before an election instead of, oh I don't know, how they actually plan to balance the budget. (special hint: defunding NPR doesn't do it.)

I will hopefully have links up this week for buying the new book. I have to make a few edits to the store page, and at some point the entire site. But for now I want to get ordering links up this week so you can get copies for the holidays. Until then:

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