October 20, 2010

At least he didn't say it on the news network owned by the Australian

Rush Limbaugh claims that liberal groups receive foreign money, as seen by the recent example of an American donating money to a liberal group.

To coin one of my new favorite terms from a reader, that is Clevon Little holding a gun to his head stupid.

Flashback bonus: they were stupid over four years ago. They're still stupid now.

Posted by August J. Pollak at 11:38 PM

October 19, 2010

Umm... alright

Wow, okay, so just got back from about five days of near-total media silence. I was going to say "what did I miss?" but as I've started getting the trickles of stupid flowing into my inbox and RSS reader, I don't think I really missed anything.

I was reading about how the guy in Alaska hired private thugs to pretend to arrest someone. That's the guy endorsed by the woman who married the guy who wanted to secede from America. And this is the party that's running on how you're losing your freedom. Also something about how the guy in Colorado hates gay people and rape victims. This is gonna be a great election. Really.

Looks like the media is finally picking up the "stupid right-wingers are mad at soup because they're stupid" story. So the comic is still fresh for another week. Yay!

Posted by August J. Pollak at 8:16 AM