October 13, 2010

Goin' APE

I hope to see some of you all at APE this weekend. I'll be at table 344 with Mssrs. Matt Bors and David Axe of War Is Boring fame. This will be your first and only chance to get yourself a signed copy of my newest book, You're Still an A@*hole For Voting For Nader, hand-signed right all up in yo' face. Everyone else will have to get them from a very disapointed mail carrier.

I'm saying this now because if you don't live in the San Francisco area, you still have time to get plane tickets. Anyone who shows up at our table with a receipt for a ticket to San Francisco purchased between now and October 17 gets a free pin with a little cartoon kitty on it.

Everyone else, have a great weekend, and new comic a week from Monday!

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Sucker's Bet, and Suckers in General

Jonathan Chait makes a bet--sorta-- with Jonah Goldberg that Republicans will without a doubt impeach Obama if (when) they take control of Congress. And god help me for agreeing with Jonah Goldberg, but that's just not happening.

It's something that I'd been thinking about for a while actually. For all the complaining the John Cole types on the internet make about the online left ragging Obama about things like not murdering Americans and not torturing non-Americans and not letting gay Americans kill non-Americans freely, it's going to pale in comparison to when the Tea Party realizes that Speaker John Boehner doesn't have throwing the President in jail for being born in Kenya on his agenda.

There's really an amazing difference here, mostly identified by reality. The progressive left is furious with Obama and Democratic leadership in general for failing to deliver a large number of promises offered to various groups. Some wanted a public option; some wanted gay rights; some wanted an end to torture and so forth. And of course a lot of it overlapped. But essentially, you have a variety of entities, all upset that a thing they were pitched wasn't delivered.

Then there's the Tea Party, which rivals beehives in singular thought and wants a list of things that are, at best, completely insane. Investigating the president's birth certificate. Building a wall around Mexico. Repealing part or all of multiple Amendments. There isn't going to be a "oh we couldn't do it because that nasty minority filibustered it" defense here; no one's voting to impeach the president because that would be absolute lunacy.

You're all going to miss the left's "whining" in about six months. You don't know the meaning of the word tantrum yet.

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Man, I'm glad all those miners paid their $75 for mine rescue insurance.

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October 11, 2010


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Last week, the Canadian branch of Campbell's Soup announced that they were making the horrific, outrageous decision to create a product that would appeal to tens of thousands of consumers. As you know, nothing gets in the way of capitalism so the right wing would be thrilled about this venture into oh man I almost had you there.

Fifteen percent of Americans are living in poverty, and there's a call to stop eating soup because the company that makes it is trying to get more people to eat it. I'm worried about the death toll if someone ever declares that oxygen has a liberal bias.

Updates emerge about the Alternative Press Expo, site of the one-wekeend only amazing August Pollak and Matt Bors dance, monkey dance show. Our table is 344, which is way in the back. So please make sure to save a little money and not spend it all before you reach us. Oh, also, please live in San Francisco so you can come see us. It's not that hard to do, is it?

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October 10, 2010

Random thought of the day

For about ten minutes this morning I suddenly started thinking about how awesome turtles are as a life form and that they likely don't get as much recognition as they should about this. I have no clue what prompted this, but I am probably going to throw out what's left of this peanut butter.

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