October 6, 2010

Clown '10 (No, really)

Via reader Matt B., Brazil leaps ahead of the States in electoral honesty.

Voters the world over complain about having clowns for politicians, but Brazilians embraced the idea on Sunday by sending a real one to Congress with more votes than any other candidate.

Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva, better known by his clown name Tiririca, received more than 1.3 million votes in Sao Paulo state in Brazil's presidential and congressional elections. That was more than double the votes of the second-placed candidate in Brazil's most populous state.

Tiririca caught the attention of disillusioned voters by asking for their support with the humorous slogan: "It can't get any worse" and a promise to do nothing more in Congress than report back to them on how politicians spend their time.

That's actually a step up from the Tea Party clowns, who are running on a "oh, it gets so much worse; just watch" platform.

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October 4, 2010

"Internet-to-PeopleWhoAreNotIdiots Dictionary"

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I'm about two years overdue on redesigning this site, and while there's a lot of important features that need to be added (yes, I am reading your emails on this) one major matter is that of comments on blog posts. This will never, ever happen. I have no problems with forum discussion. I love MetaFilter, I (for reasons against better judgement) participate on a cartoonists' forum and I'm generally good at trying to respond to any emails I get. I do, however, see no point to wasting time doing the equivalent of painting a picture and then allowing others to come in and urinate all over it. You may think I'm a terrible artist, but that doesn't give you the right to destroy my work.

There's a breed of internet commenter that really only cares about saying things they think make them "right." It's some kind of stupid game where the only thing you're supposed to do is win, and where that criteria for winning is likewise determined by said player. There's really no point in playing with these people. They're just idiots.

Holy crap. In two weeks I will be in San Francisco, selling copies of my brand new book at the Alternative Press Expo. I'll be at a table with Matt Bors. He'll be the one who is far more popular and talented than me.

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