September 17, 2010

A slightly more positive Washington, DC blog post

Holy shit this sounds awesome.

Last night, Stewart announced he will host the "Rally To Restore Sanity" on the Washington Mall on October 30. The central message of the event, which Stewart also characterized as the "Million Moderate March," will be "Take It Down A Notch -- For America." Featured signs will include reasonable maxims, such as, "I Disagree With You, But I'm Pretty Sure You're Not Hitler."

I think it's about time Glenn Beck got officially upstaged by an actual, professional comedian.

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From the Department of Horrifying Tweets

owillis #wmata announcer just said red line train I'm on stopped because of attempted suicide. We're stopped on a bridge. about 1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone

owillis Moving now about 1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone


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September 14, 2010

Clown '10

Teabagger and Palin acolyte Christine O'Donnell just beat Mike Castle in the Delaware primary, meaning instead of a guaranteed Republican pickup for Joe Biden's old senate seat, they just gave it to the Democratic candidate, Chris Coons. My favorite part of this is is reading comments on teabagger blogs that are furious with GOP stalwarts like Karl Rove explaining exactly this.

In other words, the teabaggers are shocked, SHOCKED to discover that the mainstream GOP disagrees with them on matters regarding completely destroying any chance they had of taking control of the Senate. Imagine that.

I would feel bad for Mike Castle and the GOP, but for more on this, please see a cartoon I did three years ago.

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September 13, 2010

"Cat Food"

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If there's one thing I've learned about politics, it's that Americans just don't care. Even with all the rhetoric of the 2008 campaign of "hope" and all that, when it comes down to it voting is based mostly on things getting worse and hoping there's someone to blame. Democrats are about to lose a ridiculous amount of power becuase they didn't know how to use the power they had to actually do anything.

I was unemployed for eight months prior to this Spring. I don't talk about it a lot because I don't feel like playing the wah-wah poor-me card. I understand there are a LOT of people out there worse off than me, both in this country and afar. But it hurts, okay? It completely sucks and I'm one of the lucky ones right now.

I'm very happy for Lilly Ledbetter and everyone who saved money on a new car. Good on you guys. That wasn't the cornerstone of the Obama presidential platform. That these were his "biggest accomplishments" so far on annoying message boards isn't laudable; it's evidence that on a promised policy scale he's a failure. I didn't vote for him, donate to him, volunteer for him, and defend him because I really wanted Cash for Clunkers and an extension of the DTV transition. These aren't accomplishments. Not when you said you were going to close Gitmo (still exists as of this writing), end Don't Ask Don't Tell (still exists as of this writing), and maybe, oh I don't know, fix health care so I didn't have to pay $500 a month- five hundred dollars a month- to provide me with an ambulance if I got into an accident, maybe.

Democrats are completely and totally fucked in 2010. And most likely 2012. We saw what happened in Massachusetts because it turns out that having your entire legislative strategy be based on the 90-year-old not dying wasn't that great a plan.

We learned nothing from this. Democrats have given Obama excuses that would be said as jokes about Bush. Oh, he can't do anything about the Senate? Fuck off. Sorry, I forgot the leader of the party who had 70 percent approval on day one couldn't say or do anything. I guess he was too busy picking out a puppy. Oh, the media isn't "on his side?" Shit, that is amazing. I never knew that.

My friend Matt Bors, another cartoonist, did a great strip a while back, about Obama making all these moderate, collected decisions on how to fix the disaster that is this country right now. And then we cut to Obama's landslide loss in 2012. You know why? Because turnout was just like Obama. Moderate.

I really liked my old job. Wish I could have it as good as Obama will when he gets fired.

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