August 27, 2010

History's Greatest Monster

Oh look, Jimmy Carter is continuing to save lives and trying to advance peace in the world. That bastard.

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Because you are stupid, stupid people

There is literally nothing David Vitter can do to not get re-elected, becuase he is a Republican and running in Louisiana.

Has David Vitter been pressuring newspapers in Louisiana to take it easy on Brent Furer, a former aide who attacked his girlfriend with a knife, but got to keep his job for two years anyhow?

According to two editors in Louisiana, the answer is yes.

"Senator Vitter's attorney sent us a letter taking issue with the way we worded one particular sentence...about Mr. Furer's difficulty," says Carl Redman, executive editor of The Advocate.


The letter from Vitter's counsel threatened no legal action, and The Advocate responded. According to Redman, The Advocate's counsel informed Vitter "we're exercising our First Amendment freedoms...we agree that the sentence that he pointed to was inartfully crafted, there was nothing untrue about it and that we would continue to report on Mr. Vitter and his campaign."

The Monroe News Star had a similar experience several weeks ago.

"We had a local article that referenced it and did not have an updated thing on what the final disposition of the case was," says Ken Stickney, the News Star's managing editor. "They wanted us to send them copies of the article...anything we'd ever written about the fella."

Okay, let's parse this one for a second.

Four out of ten Republicans currently believe the President of the United States isn't an American citizen. Double-digit percentages believe he is going to impose Sharia Law on the United States, that he has convinced the Senate to create "death panels" in our health care system and that he may just be a Communist. This is all based on, at best, absoultely nothing and at worst evidence that completely refutes these claims.

Senator Vitter, on the other hand, has been proven to have consorted with prostitutes, which for all the arguments about your opinion of such act, is actually illegal. He hired, and then covered up the hiring, of someone who also committed a crime, and a violent one at that. He is going to win re-election by double digits.

Dear Louisiana voters: here's a piece of foil. It's shiny.

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August 26, 2010

The sixth most-read newspaper in America

Oh goodness I love this.


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August 23, 2010

"Palin's Hacker"

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This was one of those great little stories that got pushed aside because Muslims were taking up all the airwaves trying to be people. A 22-year-old kid figured out Sarah Palin's email password on Yahoo because all the "security" questions could be found via a... well, via a quick search on Yahoo. Oh, also, Palin was using a Yahoo email account instead of government-operated computer systems so her emails wouldn't be public record. Not that it was illegal for her to do that or anything, except in every single case where it was, which was all of them.

So, for those of you keeping score, a 22-year-old is probably going to go to jail because the former half-term governor of Alaska broke the law. Great things are coming to this country.

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