July 17, 2010

It's almost as if they want everyone to be really scared of black people

But that would make no sense because Fox News does nothing to promote the Tea Party and the Tea Party isn't racist at all.

Oh, and I'll somewhat agree with Steve Benen on this: congratulations to the Politico for finding a story that's so ridiculous even they have no choice but to report on how it's ridiculous.

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July 13, 2010

Harvey Pekar

I met Harvey Pekar very briefly at the Small Press Expo about 3 or 4 years ago. It was actually before the show, the hotel served a continental breakfast for anyone who actually managed to get there early before setup. I lived in the area at the time and nervous as i was got there early so, why the hell not, free bagels. I didn't even have a book yet- I was one of the 'zine kids with his stacks of xeroxed books hoping to get $2 or $3 a copy for em.

So anyway, I'm just sitting having my crappy free hotel bagel bagel and I hear "anyone sitting here?" I don't even think I look up, I just say "oh, sure, go ahead" and let the old guy holding a companion crappy free hotel bagel sit in that alright finish bagel quickly to avoid having extended conversation with strange old man who just sat down thought process. He starts asking me what I think of the show, I say "this is actually my first one." "Huh, yeah haven't been to this one either but it's really good to see all these young kids out here." So we talk for a few minutes about the comics, I tell him how I'm trying to do some stuff with political cartoons, I'm blogging, I think it's a good way for promo, etc. And all the while I'm like finish the bagel hmm maybe he's like in charge of something he's got a VIP badge on and oh Jesus fuck you're Harvey Pekar aren't you.

His handler is coming by so he gets up while saying "well, it sounds like you know what you're doing" which is, I believe, not even anything my parents ever told me, at least not in that direct kind of way and unfiltered by the whole "well we love you and support you in all forms" factor. Eight hours later, it's the end of the show and I see him cleaning up at the table they gave him to sign his books and following him is the same handler, holding a stack of books, zines, handouts, whatever. Comical in size, like, Dagwood sandwich comical, six feet of stuff. Every person in the entire Expo gave him a free copy of their book. I would have but I had butter from the bagel on my fingers and didn't want to ruin one of my 25-cent xeroxes.

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July 12, 2010


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Sharron Angle, the solitary reason you should care about Harry Reid keeping his job. I guess it's to his credit he helped work the system to make his opponent of choice be the ludicrously insane one. Let's just hope it pays off and she doesn't go do anything horrible like, say, actually get elected.

Angle's latest claim to fame- and yes, you need to work hard to top advocating armed revolution and/or the death of your opponent- is that a child who was impregnated by being raped by a family member should just "make lemons out of lemonade," in which by lemons we mean rape and lemonade we mean also rape. Becuase there shouldn't really be cutesy metaphors about rape. Except, I guess, this comic. That's what we call "meta."

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July 11, 2010

An open letter to Talking Points Memo

Dear Talking Points Memo:

Jesus Christ. What the fuck happened to you?


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