July 7, 2010

God help me stop talking about this

So this week the big right-wing "outrage" is that Harry Reid is reposting content from a website that Sharron Angle willingly displayed as her public, fully open website that she deliberately posted to share that content with the entire planet. They are calling this "illegal." However, a week earlier, it was awesome and hilarious that a right-wing blogger wants to steal and display the private emails of 400 people.


Posted by August J. Pollak at 8:54 AM

July 5, 2010


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Ah, the joys of holiday weekends and making cartoons based on your Twitter feed jokes. This is actually my hypothetical about Breitbart and the Journolist thing - how does he get the right to ask for thousands of other people's emails? If someone started taking my private emails to other people and posting them because they had a massive insecurity issue I would, you know, sue them. But yeah, at least he's offering to pay money for liberals' writings, even if in a creepy stalkerish way.

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Posted by August J. Pollak at 11:12 AM