May 31, 2010


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The fabricated "scandal" about Rep. Joe Sestak (the "scandal" condensed: he was offered a job by the White House to get out of a primary race, he turned it down, he won the primary, the president is a Democrat) is one of those perfect examples of fabricated outrage. There's no one out there on the right legitimately furious about this, mostly because nothing wrong happened here. At all. But it can sound like it did. (See also: the president not being where we just decided he's supposed to be. And, again, being a Democrat.)

It's funny, though, because it's just so damn boring. Many have sarcastically asked why the right is so focused on this as opposed to, you know, everything Bush did that actually has to do with breaking an actual law, and there's of course the obvious reason: because Sestak is now the Democrat in a highly competitive senate race. If this had anything to do with Orrin Hatch or Chuck Schumer, no one would be pretending to care becuase it would be a waste of their time trying to act like they can tilt an election on it. Unless, of course, it was a scandal involving both of them. Giggity.

So there's the other reason that few have suggested, but I think it's very significant: the right is making a huge deal out of this because it's the first outrage of the Obama administration not predicated on being batshit insane. Since the scandal is so boring, there's nothing to look like idiots about. No crazy babbling about a birth certificate, no frothing racists, no Libertarians. It's just a plain, vanilla round of politics. Is it sad that's been the best thing to look forward to these days?

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Posted by August J. Pollak at 10:13 PM