May 7, 2010

The Last Honest Man

Joe Lieberman is clearly just fucking with us.

Faced with the successful arrest and interrogation of an American citizen who failed to commit a terrorist attack, Joe Lieberman introduced a bill aimed at stripping Americans of their citizenship if they're terrorists. (But only if they are connected to foreign terrorist organizations. Feel free to join the KKK and stay an American.)

Lieberman originally said American citizens should be "deprived automatically of their citizenship ... when they are apprehended and charged with a terrorist act," which, even for Lieberman, is pretty insane. He's moderated that a bit, though it's unclear how his new citizenship-stripping bill would actually work. You're a non-citizen if the State Department is really sure you're aiding a foreign terrorist organization? If you're actually convicted of aiding foreign terrorists? (The aim of the bill seems to be to send these sudden non-citizens to tribunals instead of civilian courts, though it looks like accused terrorists would be able to fight the attempt to revoke their citizenship.)

But Joe, having quickly lost support from Chuck Schumer, has literally named this affront to the Constitution the "Terrorist Expatriation Act" -- or, "the TEA Act." Hey, I wonder which reactionary white populists he's looking to appeal to with a name like that?

Joe Lieberman continues to be why I have no sympathy for any Democrat or progressive complaining about the ridiculous number of blocks and secret holds Republicans are putting on Obama's nominees. It's completely impossible to believe any Democrat complaining about the "effectiveness of the government" while they continue to let this lunatic run the Homeland Security Committee.

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May 4, 2010

The entire last 24 hours of mainstream news, summarized

The majority of conservatives and DC-based media outlets took a brief pause from calling Barack Obama a failure of leadership who abuses Americans' rights to complain that after successfully capturing a terrorist, his administration did not abuse said American's rights.

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May 3, 2010

"Reading Comprehension"

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Saturday was May Day. It was also the host to some of the largest pro-immigration and immigrants' rights rallies in recent history. Of course, no one cared and no network reported this. Now admittedly I'll concede that the largest environmental accident in history overshadows that, but still. Fox News sponsored the "Tea Parties" and all the networks sent embedded reporters to those.

For those of you preparing to whine that I'm being unfair to reel Amurcuns, please note the signs in the second panel are all taken from the simultaneously hilarious and utterly sad Teabonics stream on Flickr. As always, I have no need to fabricate incredibly stupid people.

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