April 24, 2010

I get letters

You might remember last week that I caused some controversy when I said that discuissing the feasability of arresting the Pope was dumb simply because it, you know, wouldn't ever happen in any reality known to carbon-based life forms. This angered many of you, one of whom decided to get back to me:

A few points, without snark.

1. I don't suspect you are a fan of the Murdoch owned media, least of all any media with a political agenda. But when you "put your snark hat on" and say "Rupert Murdoch-backed" in such a condescending way it's as if you are disagreeing just for the sake of disagreeing.

2. I've listened to many of the interviews with Dawkins and Hitchens and don't think either of them have unrealistic expectations of the outcome of their efforts.

3. Why you consider arresting the pope a distraction is beyond me. I imagine you never thought you'd see yourself on the side of the pedophiles but you are. How does it feel to think that pedophiles should not be arrested? Shouldn't they be arrested for their crimes? After all the evidence that has been brought out don't you think the pope is responsible in some way? I've heard he is the head of the religion but maybe I'm just an idiot.

4. Religion does not deserve an exemption from scrutiny. If the animation guild moved child molesters around don't you think you would look at things differently? Don't you think the people at the top should be held accountable?

5. I really hate to say this but I suspect you have some early indoctrinated beliefs that you should seriously scrutinize. Think Jesus is your savior? Look into it and you'll see there's not much evidence he even existed let alone can perform any magic to get you into heaven.

I've stopped reading your comics and following your blog. You are no longer "comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable." It took me a while to explain this so please forgive the late response.

Uh-huh. I get the occasional angry e-mail but it's rare to be accused of being both indoctrinated by religion and a secret defender of pedophilia. Usually I'm just told to have sex with myself.

Oh well. It's a shame to lose a reader like that, but at least I still have Jesus.

Posted by August J. Pollak at 9:25 AM

April 21, 2010

Stay Out of the Woods

Via Daily Cartoonist, this story ignores a far more concerning matter:

A mom asked ABC 4 to take action after she bought a comic book package she thought was for kids ended up having a nudity and violence inside.

On the very first page are two large drawings of a naked woman. There's more nudity throughout the comic as well as violence. Stepfather Kenny Stong says, "He's a little young to be exposed to that kind of situation or environment, what not."

Linda Hurst bought the comics to put in an Easter basket. She didn't feel comfortable being on camera but said, "It really embarrassed me because I'd given it to a 10 year old boy." She bought the comics from a Dollar Tree. Everything made her believe it was meant for children. She says they were placed in the kids isle of the store, the wrapping seemed "G" rated, and the back of the wrapper says, "All comic books inserted in the "Superhero Comic Book Spectacular" are family friendly and will bring hours of enjoyable reading."

Okay, this is a big stupid whiny Utah argument about ten-year-olds seeing nudity in comic books, and yeah, oversensitive social mores aside, I guess it's a bad call to put that particular comic in a package advertised as "family-friendly," but seriously... you're buying Easter basket stuff for your kid at Dollar Tree?

You know what? I'm far more worried about any candy you buy for a child there than comic books. I was in a Dollar Tree last month and they were selling Hershey bars promoting the "Batman & Robin" movie. You know, the one with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Made in 1997. I wish I was kidding.

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April 19, 2010

"Never Lose Your Job"

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If you're a conservative pundit, you can truly never be fired. The worst case is that you leave your six week run after saying something incredibly stupid or offensive to write a bestselling book about how the liberal media "silenced you" for saying it. I have no idea why the media keeps hiring pundits who do nothing but embarass the network they work for and then brag about it, but it would be great if there were more openings so we could get a few more people some really secure, cushy jobs. And it's not like some tea party whiner could be any worse than Pat Buchanan.

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