March 3, 2010

The difference between being in disagreement and being full of shit

This pretty much sums up in one example why politics is at a standstill right now. Judd Gregg- the man who, mind you, was almost Commerce Secretary- is just making shit up. This has nothing to do with disagreeing with his politics. That would actually be a political argument. But this isn't about issues. It's about him being full of shit. He supported reconciliation before. Now he doesn't. When he pretends this wasn't the case, he's full of shit.

Everyone know this. The news organizations pretending otherwise are full of shit. I understand this is far from the most intelligent and insightful analysis of current events I've made here but I really don't know where to go with this.

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"A slight alteration"


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March 1, 2010

"Sportswomanlike Conduct"

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People got angry at the Canadian Women's Hockey Team for celebrating their gold medal with cigars and booze. That is apparently undignified in a sport usually priding itself on such honorable ceremonies as chugging beer out of the Stanley Cup after a season of punching each other's teeth out. Because that's how it works with women, the players were forced to apologize, since as you all know, the only time a woman has permission to express emotion about something important in her life is during a marriage proposal. In all other circumstances, please make sure to stay proper, ladies.

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