February 26, 2010

Gambling going on in here, etc.

Republicans shocked to discover that things cost money.

My favorite part is Inhofe's down-home folksy "I'm gonna call in my chits" to stop Bunning from filibustering a funding bill. "Calling in your chits?" It's called (gasp!) voting with Democrats for cloture. Is that really hard to say? Answer: yes.

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February 22, 2010

"Latest Plans to Stop Republican Filibusters"

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While it's heartening to hear rumblings about finally using reconciliation to pass health care reform, that it's taken this long, and massive drops in approval ratings, to realize that does not bode well for Democratic enthusiasm to actually go through with it. I've been curious lately over how far Democrats will go to avoid being open about the few, and obvious, options they actually have to get anything done, and how silly they'll look suggesting ways to avoid it.

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