November 11, 2009

Apparently they needed space for iFart version 2.0

This is beyond moronic. (via Tom)

MAD Magazine artist Tom Richmond has been working on an iPhone app with movie director/entrepreneur Ray Griggs that allows users to search a database for contact information of every congressman. Tom did 540 caricatures - one for every representative in union and territories - for the app. Unfortunately, they have learned that Apple has rejected the app based due to "content that ridicules public figures."

Here's details and screenshots of Richmond's work (let's reiterate that he drew 540 caricatures before Apple rejected the program). There is absolutely no political bias, agenda, or opinionated attack on anyone whatsoever here. As I noted in this post title, this is a company that found no problem with selling an electronic fart machine on their home page, yet a valuable resource for contacting and identifying your Congressional representative is "controversial."

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Or we could, you know, raise taxes and stop having wars

I kind of have a morbid fascination with how deeply buried the lede is regarding what appears to be a gigantic prick-waving contest over how high we can raise the national debt.

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November 9, 2009

"First They Came"

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To much fanfare, the Democratic Party passed the most sweeping restriction on abortion in over a decade this weekend. Oh, and also I think they did something about health care.

I've been fighting both a cold and an army of internet idiots for the last 48 hours, both of which contributed to the lateness of today's strip. But for anyone who truly has any doubts (or more likely a severe case of denial about the idea that the Democrats would have done this), please enlighten yourself. Not only does the Stupak amendment remove access to abortion services for millions of women, it primarily does this for poor women. And all the people muttering how "this will just be removed in conference" should try to remember that for all his stances as a progressive figure, President Obama not only did nothing to push back against Stupak, he's openly in favor of the Hyde Amendment.

The fact is that from Day Fucking One, President Obama hawked the line that "nothing in the health care bill will change the coverage you already have." Millions of women have just been lied to. So yes, once again, congratulations to the Democratic Party for proving itself to be the inclusive party of minorities and women, because we always need a few of them on hand to throw under a bus.

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