November 5, 2009

The entire state of America's current political system

Summed up in one story.

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee approved climate change legislation Thursday with no Republicans voting for the bill or even participating in the process.

With Republican boycotting the proceedings, Committee Chairman Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) relied on a little used interpretation of committee rules to move the legislation. Traditionally, two minority members are required to conduct committee business.

In short, Senate Republicans are now throwing a tantrum because grownups on the panel decided to say that you can't actually stop a vote by refusing to show up for it. As always, Senator remains one of the few positions in America where you can literally decide not to show up to do your job and still have it the next morning.

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November 4, 2009

This might be one of my new favorite analogies ever

Reader Matthew S. on the NutBusterz website:

Seriously, that is the townsfolk in Blazing Saddles taking it seriously when Cleavon Little pulls a gun on himself stupid.

Heh. Indeed.

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Startling revelations of the day

One of the head editors of RedState is a fat, stupid, balding white guy who lives in a basement.

The Pope's religion, tonight at 11.

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So apparently conservatives won all the major races last night, except for that one race that they, umm, invested all their time, money, and energy into. This is terrible news for Obama, because shut up.

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November 2, 2009

"What's the Matter with Helen?"

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Hello! This is a comic strip. It is full of what we call "jokes." Please consider that before believing the final dialogue panel is not a joke and is an actual request.

In a rare moment, I forgot to note in the first panel that this story is true- Abigail Breslin has been cast to play Helen Keller on Broadway, and people who represent both blind and deaf actors are angry about it. Despite the aura of liberalism in Hollywood, the entertainment industry is probably the least group-sensitive job field in the world, and I'm even including professional sports here because even there no one would argue that discrimination against short people or non-athletic people is unfeasable. And yet here we have people complaining that an actor was hired to... you know... act, instead of getting someone who can act less. The entire concept of acting is having people pretend to be other people. Unless someone thinks Breslin's performance is, I don't know, somehow going to insult the blind and deaf, I don't see what's pissing people off here.

Moving on, a special note I've been meaning to make about the elections tomorrow. I live in Atlanta, and don't even know the names of all the mayoral candidates. I feel kind of bad about that. But I'm more observant of the fact that my former boss is potentially going to become the Lt. Governor of New Jersey. As long-time readers might recall, my first job out of college was a brief stint as a legislative aide for then-State-Assemblywoman Loretta Weinberg of the Fighting 37th District. Long-time readers might also recall that I don't actually make endorsements on this site, given that they are completely useless and to pretend otherwise would be an act of pretentiousness that exceeds even my capacity.

That said, I can go as far as this, despite its lack of usefulness: my short time working for the State of New Jersey showed me just how corrupt, vile, soul-crushing, and stillborn the entire government of that godforsaken state is. Loretta Weinberg is and remains one of the few, precious points of light that do not encompass any of those preceding adjectives. It would literally be impossible for her placement in a position of higher authority to not be a benefit to all of this. But what do I know, I'm just a guy who makes awful jokes about Helen Keller.

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November 1, 2009

How did a porn company not buy this domain name already?

I know, you thought right wingers couldn't be more oblivious to group names... I mean, what could possibly top "teabaggers?"

How about an anti-ACORN group called "Nut Busters?"

I don't even know how to laugh at these people anymore.

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