October 22, 2009

Great moments in unintentionally controversial logo design

The new logo for the Democratic Party of Georgia, as discovered by my friend Chris K. this afternoon.

Mmmm. Pancakes.

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October 21, 2009

Best Revenge, etc.

I agree with Amanda: nothing pisses off sexists more than shattering their mental safety net of believing that feminists aren't happy.

But on the far more important matter, congrats to the happy couple.

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October 19, 2009

"Topical Humor!"

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Like most of these cartoons, this one is based on real events. No, not the balloon boy story. That we all know is tragically true- including the breaking news headline that he threw up. The real event in question was my complete ignorance to the entire story until three hours after it all wrapped up. I have never enjoyed more my recent decision to just stop watching cable news altogether.

Halloween is coming up, which also means the annual mail-it-in opportunity for editorial cartoonists everywhere to make lame costume gags. I of course made a costume gag last year, but in a rare moment that lacks self-depreciation, I don't think it was lame at all. Man, anyone else happy there won't be any Palin costumes this year? Not at any respectable parties, anyway.

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