October 17, 2009

An open invitation to Mike Lester to learn what Google is

Hi Mike.

Here's all those quotes Rush Limbaugh never said. Moron.

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October 16, 2009

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October 15, 2009

I miss news

I haven't watched MSNBC for the last year or so because when I moved to Atlanta, my cable company didn't have it in their basic lineup. That changed this week when they moved a bunch of channels around. Combined with being around in the daytime, for the first time in quite a while I had MSNBC on in the morning, and I didn't realize that it's a blatantly partisan, angry, yelling left-wing pundit. And you know what? He's just as annoying as the right-wing ones.

Not exactly a major revelation here, but it's kind of disturbing how we have three or four major 24-hour dedicated cable news channels, and at no point can you turn to any of them and actually learn about something happening in the world.

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October 14, 2009

They just don't like gay people

Steve Benen points out the blatantly obvious about the typical conservative response to hate crime legislation.

The only people making these stupid "all crimes should be judged equally" arguments (you know, because that's how we handle all other crimes committed in this country, with the exception of all crimes ever committed in this country) who aren't actually just bigots are simply obnoxious pseudo-libertarians who like in all of these arguments want to base their opinions on an incredibly difficult and important legal issue on an episode of South Park they saw six years ago.

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October 12, 2009

"The Nobel Prize For Theoretical Achievement"

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I know I covered this a while back, but the issue has, sadly, not changed that much. I have no intention of celebrating President Obama's dynamic and inspiring ability to keep talking about what he wants to do.

Obama was given the Nobel Prize for Excellence in the Field of Not Being George W. Bush this weekend, and that's not really healthy either for Obama or the Nobel. I understand- in fact, unlike most people making kneejerk responses to this- that the point of the Nobel is to encourage the recipients to continue their work in that field. But I really don't care if Obama is going to continue to say he wants to do stuff. I, and millions of uninsured, and millions of gays, and thousands of soldiers and their families, want him to actually do it.

Add that on to the insult that the Nobel's prestige applies to whitewashing Obama's abominable
"peace" record. We are still in two wars- the President is increasing troop numbers. We still operate a fully functional concentration camp. I was surprised by the number of people who seemed surprised or in denial at the handy reminder I made the other day that Obama's United States not only still tortures people, but continues to actively work to prevent Bushies who did it from being punished, and continues to argue that torture is a "valid option."

We should all hope that Obama receives a Nobel Peace Prize. Sadly, no one seemed to hope that Obama earn it first. That he doesn't deserve it is the one part of this story that we completely agree on.

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