September 18, 2009

He wants to make love to the mountain

Nothing needs to be said here. Enjoy your weekend.

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September 17, 2009

Tonight on "Is The Media Allowed to Call Rush Limbaugh a Racist Yet?"

"We need segregated buses."

Later: Pat Buchanan weighs in, and continues to have a job.

Never: this black lady who has the shit beaten out of her by a white dude and is about to have the felony charges dropped.

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September 15, 2009


Just got this in the inbox:

Hi. Im Caitie Casey. the 13 year old girl that wrote bill o reilly an email about mean people. the little girl you decided to make fun of afterwards by writing something on your blog like "its official, bill o'reilly is whinier than a 13 yr old girl"

I am now 22, and was kinda amused when I came across your blog making fun of me. But I must say you are a jerk, and VERY immature for making fun of a little girl on the internet. Disgusting...

-Caitie Casey Alma MI

Hi Caitie,

Thanks for your interest in a post I wrote six years ago. I hope by now you're old enough to have a little better reading comprehension, especially in the areas of understanding satire and ironic humor. See, what I was actually doing was joking how you, at a tender age of 13, managed to have a more civil and mature outlook on civil discourse than Mr. O'Reilly, who if you are not aware of has since the time of your original e-mail handled "mean people" by sexually threatening them and ordering his staff to stalk them. While I understand it may not be fair to use Mr. O'Reilly's future disgraces as an excuse to mock him in the same reference to you, it should also be pointed out that his pornographic crime novel was in fact written before your e-mail. I sincerely hope that you have not read it even as an adult, as you appear to definitely have a low threshold for what constitutes as "disgusting."

Glad to hear like so many others you could find amusement in my website.


A Mean Person

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September 14, 2009


Latest comic - click here!

Oliver has the best roundup of this weekend's 9/12 rally in Washington DC, which had almost nothing to do with the September 11 attacks and almost everything to do with several thousand people really being angry that the president's black. At some point, this is going to escalate to a degree where TV news reporters actually have no choice but to point out how these rallies seem to be large collectives of angry white people complaining that there might be a chance someone other than them is getting a break. That might be fun. I dunno.

I spent September 11 playing Whirlyball. I mean, I didn't plan to specifically do that on 9/11 or anything; it just happened that way. Just throwing that out there.

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