August 14, 2009

When you give an insane, racist, right-wing mouse a cookie

Seriously? A whole two weeks?

With the "death panel" stuff having run its course, if you honestly thought we were going to get through August without the right going after gays and immigrants in the health care bill, you're pretty effing naive.

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Clearwater, Florida

Reader Robin L. on the town featured in this week's cartoon:

...[T]his would be the same Clearwater, Florida that was recently fining a fishing shop $500 a day for a First Amendment banner on their outside wall. The ACLU fought them ... and settled it, for some $55,000. Woulda bought a lot of flags.


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August 13, 2009

Sounds about right

Oliver on his anti-health care trolls:

...where was the bitching and the moaning for the last 8 years? The economy began tanking under a GOP president. The first bailouts were under a GOP president. And the right was silent. They sat on their asses while the economy tanked, while the government was trashed, and while people died in Iraq.

So pardon us if we're a little tired of the bull from the right and their sudden discovery that OMG DEMOCRACY IS IN TEH DANGERR!!! that popped up at about noon on January 20th and expressed itself in signs about Marxism, Nazism, Socialism, Euthanasia and an entire pile of bullshit.

You people fucked up this country. BAD. And you ignored serious problems like health care reform for years. So pardon us if we respond to the right's ridicule, whining, and racism with the highest derision.

The right screwed up the country, and all you can do is bitch. You refuse to offer any substantive input into how to do things. Obama bends over backwards, trims the stimulus, adds tax breaks and for what? Not a single GOP vote in the House. We've now substantially watered down health care reform, there might not even be a public option in the legislation and what's the response?


We are trying to run a country here, one of the most important ones, and slightly less than half of the political dialogue in this country is a bunch of right wing space cadet work. You guys are not serious about doing dick to help America, you care about getting seats for corrupt asses like Tom DeLay and their ilk yet again.

The Dems are far from perfect, but even the most annoying, aggravating blue dog has expressed more interest and concern in doing the rank basics required to make some sort of positive change for our country.

But go on, bitch about TYRANNY and SMALLER GOVERNMENT and other wet dream fetishes on the right.

The tyranny/smaller government part is always my favorite, given the previous administration creating the largest expansion of the federal government since WWII, oh, and that small thing called the USA PATRIOT Act.

But a great example of this is how later in the thread, one of the trolls Oliver is addressing starts whining "you don't WAN'T to have a debate!" Seriously? The level of self-projection among the right over this has reached irrational levels.

It's a broken record at this point, but the Republican right does not want health care reform to pass. And while they're taking advantage of an easily-scared constituency (which is a combination of any number of factors related to religion, racism, and general ignorance) the non-merely-insane wingers in the halls of Congress and the comments sections of message boards have no interest in debate whatsoever- they have an interest in Republicans winning more elections in 2010, and that relies on them completely torpedoing health care for millions of people and then bragging that Obama is a failure.

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August 12, 2009

Oh look

Michelle Malkin is stalking children again.

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The origin of the species

PZ Myers discovers that the Intelligent Design course at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary offers course credit for being a troll in his comments section.

This, to say the least, explains a lot.

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August 11, 2009

Department of Overthinking Things

Josh Marshall:

With the rash of people bringing firearms to health care town halls, I'm starting to wonder whether folks on the right are under the impression that there's some sort of transitive property of amendments -- like First, gives right to free speech and redress of grievances and second, gives right to bear arms, which equals the new virtual amendment "(1+2)" which is the right to armed free speech and redress of grievances.

Or maybe it's just that the first and second amendments are right next to each other in order so they're supposed to blend together.

Dude. They're bringing guns to rallies because they like threatening people. This isn't really hard.

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August 10, 2009

"What's Left of the Flags"

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This story now being over a week old, you must certainly feel sorry for Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Dunbar now, whom, if we are feeling optimistic this lovely day, has not yet been set on fire.

I'm not really sure how much money one saves exactly from removing flags from your town, though I certainly understand how Dunbar's move might have been some kind of attempted publicity stunt to raise awareness about budget cuts or something. That said, the article is worth reading for the comments alone. It's like a little slice of everything wrong with America. Don't think I pulled the communism scare stuff out of my butt here, folks.

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