August 6, 2009

Oh come on

"WorldNetDaily investigative operatives in Africa?" Seriously?

WorldNetDaily is an office in Oregon. They have a web staff of 25 people. It's amazing that they say stuff like this so nonchalant and then honestly expect people to take them seriously.

"Operatives" in Africa.


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August 5, 2009

It's always about pissing off liberals

Following up on my previous post, it's just another example of everything right-wingers are doing right now. Instead of addressing angered constituents, they're "pranking" the RNC's telephone line by redirecting callers to the DNC. Instead of offering ideas and (truthful) analysis of the health care plan, they're telling people to scream and wail their heads off and prevent town halls from happening. Instead of letting an intern live-blog a speech they're broadcasting live over the internet anyway, it's more fun to feel superior by using the small shred of authority you have for an arbitrary reason. They almost have nothing left to do at this point except actually stick their fingers in their ears and go "la la la la la" for ten minutes.

It's easily said that the right is accomplishing nothing by doing this, but in reality they're accomplishing their prime, most sacred goal above all others. They're pissing off liberals. That's honestly all they care about. It's live-action trolling. Nothing more, nothing less.

And the reason you don't have a job right now is because you let them run the country for eight years. I hope your liberal friends got really pissed.

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August 4, 2009

I feel so old

Ah, another year, another case of YAF's Jason Mattera being a sniveling little dick.

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August 3, 2009

"Hey! Who's On Lou Dobbs Tonight?"

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Let me give you an example of how awesome this is getting: a brand-new claim about Barack Obama's secret Kenyan origins was created, debunked, and routinely laughed at while I was inking the cartoon on Sunday evening. Orly Taitz is probably one of the most insane people I've ever seen, and keep in mind this week's strip references Discworld.

Meanwhile, conservatives are somehow allowed to both claim there is a liberal bias in the media and have an actual lunatic who thinks Obama wasn't born in Hawaii but certainly not because he's black or anything™ go on television every night and promote new lunatic ideas. That said, I think the big difference between Orly Taitz and Gargamel might be that in one or two episodes he actually tried something that worked.

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