July 24, 2009

They're going to murder Terri Schiavo all over again- with TAXPAYER MONEY!

Erick Erickson doubles down on crazy.

Update: the top-listed comment on RedState at the time of this posting:

What if I Don't Care About Uninsured?

Does that make me a bad person?

I hope not because after thinking long and hard about it I have decided I really don't care that they don't have insurance. And, more than that, I am offended that I am about to be forced to buy it for them. I consider myself to be somewhat compassionate but I am having enough trouble paying for my own insurance to where I don't really want to be forced to buy someone else's.

This is un-American.

Remember, it is vitally important we wait a month to pass health care reform because we desperately need to meet the concerns of people such as this.

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Not really a revolution in the grand scheme of things, but noteworthy none the less- I guess it's a sign we've matured just slighty as a society when this week's Doonesbury reveals that Alex, Mike Doonesbury's 20-year-old daughter, is (gasp!) sleeping with her new boyfriend and no one raised an eyebrow, contrary to 30 years ago, when the same strip showing two adults in bed together nearly got the strip canceled.

Of course, it might just be a terrible sign that less people are paying attention to newspaper comics, but I'd like to be optimistic today.

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July 23, 2009

Next week: "It forces illegal immigrants to give married gays Muslim abortions!"

RedState (go fig) is apparently the source of the ridiculous claim that numerous right-wing bloggers are now copying and pasting across the internet (as I just caught Jay Tea doing on Oliver's site) that the Obama heath care plan will "encourage the elderly to die for cost reasons" or some similar nonsense.

In a way, it's good that Jay got caught over on Oliver's site, because thanks to a few more commenters it can now be used as your one-stop resource on how the claim is nonsense. It's of course tragic that something as stupid as this needs to be "debunked," but again, there are Republican congressmen who think Obama isn't an actual American. There's really no limit to how stupid these people plan to be anymore.

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Yep, that sounds about right

I've said before and will say again, and have been saying since my short stint working for the NJ Legislature: it's an insult to merely say a New Jersey politician is corrupt. These people are all professionals.

This is an article title that only appears in New Jersey. And we would expect nothing less.

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July 20, 2009

"Lessons From Walter"

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Well, yeah. Not really much else to say that digby already hasn't. But you'd think that at least one television personality mentioning the loss of Walter Cronkite this week might have reflected on, you know, trying to even remotely emulate his professionalism. Dreams are a nice thing, I guess.

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