June 17, 2009

I am allowed one piece of pointless celebrity news every four or so months

Apparently there is now beef between Spencer Pratt and Al Roker.

This is the best thing.

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Darkseid Minus The New Gods.

Like Garfield Minus Garfield, only for even huger dorks.

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Deep thought

The biggest victory being celebrated by the right this morning is a blogger bragging about how he whined long enough to get David Letterman to apologize for said blogger pretending to not get a joke.

I share in Letterman's deep remorse over the incident.

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June 15, 2009

"Gay rights"

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I noted a few weeks back that President Obama has utterly failed to deliver on almost all of the most major promises he made in his campaign. A large response was the expected, angered "you haven't given him enough time yet" excuse. When, Obama has apparently taken plenty of time to come up with a detailed and explicit legal brief supporting the Defense Of Marriage Act that goes as far as to include nearly verbatim right-wing talking points about why gay people shouldn't have equal rights.

For more on this, see Andrew Sullivan, Pam, Barry, and Matt, who points out how the Obama administration decided that this particular matter was a perfect time to suddenly start following the rule of existing law instead of parsing it for whatever personal needs were decided.

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