June 10, 2009

Yes, she is.

Seriously, Sarah Palin is an idiot. Right-wingers are free to hide behind some sheet of feigned outrage or their moronic bleats that pointing out Palin's stupidty shows how we're "scared" of her or whatever, but it's really annoying when the actual fact of someone's stupidity is dismissed as hyperbole. She's really effing stupid.

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June 9, 2009

Yeah, this new guy's working out great

Kudos to Ross Douthat for having the decency and moderate sensibility that we clearly expect in a regular columnist for a paper as respected as the New York Times for waiting an entire week after Dr. George Tiller's murder to say that he wouldn't have been murdered if we had just made abortion illegal.

I'm really not sure which part of his column reflects the quality of his position the most. I'm torn between the line about how it was "proven" that most "partial-birth abortions" (a procedure that doesn't exist) were elective, based on a single twelve-year-old Slate article, or how like most anti-choice pundits, he tries to smear (did I mention recently murdered? Because of a crazed anti-choice lunatic fueled by right-wing lies about him?) Tiller by "suggesting" he broke the law on restrictions on late-term abortions, based on an investigation and trial where he was acquitted of exactly that accusation.

So, yeah, good call there, New York Times. You picked a real winner here.

(See also: TBogg)

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June 8, 2009

"Presidential plugging"

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Okay, this was stupid. It's not cute in any way to me. Of course if you, as a newsman, are recording an interview with the President, you can get him to play along with whatever you say. That doesn't mean you should.

The attitude the news media has with Obama is really irritating- almost as if they think he's a child they can constantly toy around with. There were countless puff pieces and journalistic ass-pats for Bush but I don't recall goading him into doing a promo for NBC like he was sitting in on the local radio station.

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