June 5, 2009

Be a part of it

New Yorkers: make sure to check out the MoCCA Festival this weekend. I will not be there, but other fabulous CWAers such as Mikhaela Reid, Masheka Wood, and Brian McFadden will.

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June 2, 2009

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June 1, 2009

"The hope of audacity"

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For the most dynamic and insipring president in a generation, does Barack Obama plan to actually do anything dynamic and inspiring? No, I'm not one of those whiners wondering why he hasn't cured AIDS in his first 100 days, but the number of "coming soon" promises from his administration are staggering.

Obama's refusal to do anything to dare risk his precious aura of unity and harmony will only continue to yield horrible consequences for America. As I was inking this cartoon, the news came in of George Tiller's murder. The government, no matter which party is in control, does virtually nothing- nothing- to monitor and prevent terrorist attacks on women's clinics. For godssakes, nine times out of ten they won't even refer to it as terrorism. Animal rights groups get labeled as terrorists more frequently than anti-abortion militants. Federal funding for clinics is minuscule and every act of damage and violence committed against one is a drain on their already limited resources. And if you think President Hopey McChangethroughhugs, who can't even lift a pen to stop gay people from being blocked from volunteering to defend our country, is going to do anything about this beyond signing a strongly-worded letter, I'd also like a pony.

Shorter Barack Obama on any issue of serious urgency: watch this drive.

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