May 15, 2009

Fine, I'll say it

I realize this isn't an incredibly tasteful argument, and that yeah, there's sort of a difference here, but for all the arguing we've been making about Norm Coleman's futile appeals and how the real damage they're doing is removing one more Democratic vote from the Senate, we've been really reluctant to note that the aging, sick Ted Kennedy has missed almost every vote since the start of the 2009 session.

This is worth noting because if we're going to keep throwing out the "we only have 59 votes" argument, we might as well admit we only have 58. It would be really nice to hear what the long-term prognosis for Kennedy is. I wish him the best and a safe return to good health, but if we're looking at years of recovery and, at best, part-time legislating, then the argument for full active representation for Massachusetts applies just as much as it does for Minnesota.

Look, Robert Byrd still manages to vote and he died 14 years ago. This doesn't seem like too much to ask.

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A letter of apology

As an American, I profoundly apologize for the existence of Michael Savage.

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May 13, 2009


I mean... seriously. Good lord.

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May 11, 2009

"Dinner conversation"

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This weekend was the annual White House correspondent's dinner, a grand gala where everyone in the media gets together to celebrate how they don't do their job. You most likely know of it only because of Stephen Colbert's performance at it a few years back, which the media now ironically looks at admirably, completely vacant to the concept that his entire act was having the balls to attack the president the way everyone else in the room- you know, the not-fake media on the channels that aren't Comedy Central- didn't feel like doing anymore because, mostly, they were afraid it would mean they wouldn't get tickets to the White House correspondent's dinner.

I suppose it was a better time for Obama, who decided against the tradition of his predecessor making jokes about how he sent thousands of Americans off to a desert to die for a total lie. But you'd think with all the snazzy jokes he could have thrown in one about how he's backtracking on all that stuff about how he's going to stop letting lots of people suffer because actually fixing that would be haaaaarrrrddd. Seriously, sir. It's hilarious. It's just a shame we've heard it before.

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DNA. RIP 1952-2001

So long. And thanks
March 11, 1952 - May 11, 2001

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