May 7, 2009

And our nation is just a little bit more secure

Congratulations to President Obama on the achievement of his very first military expert discharged for being gay, and an extra special congratulations to West Point graduate and highly-trained Arabic linguist Dan Choi for losing his job because the President is a fucking liar.

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May 6, 2009


Honestly, the most inspiring thing to me about the news of Maine legalizing gay marriage today is the dearth of news about it. I don't mean that it's not important, but more the fact that the media has accepted that this isn't really news anymore. Gays want to get married and generally, people are okay with that. Obviously there are loads of progressive bloggers celebrating it and right-wing bloggers screaming about the downfall of society but it was a single story this morning and isn't even on the front page of Yahoo News anymore.

It's not that gay marriage isn't important; it's that for most normal people, it's not really that interesting anymore, or at the very least no more or less interesting that straight people who you've also never met and never will getting married. And there's really nothing better for your personal life than complete strangers not caring about it.

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May 4, 2009

"This week in Caucasian suffering"

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I suppose Michael Savage being a crazed racist was expected, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around Byron York quantifying Obama's popularity to "not actually" be high becuase the Americans that support him aren't necessarily white. And Mark Halperin might as well title every blog post he makes with "please link to me, Matt Drudge."

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