April 22, 2009

O'Doyle rules!

Once again, to paraphrase David Cross: I don't actually think all Republicans are idiots; just the people they choose to represent them in governing our country.

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April 20, 2009


So I just found out the Discovery Channel has a new show where a bunch of guys pretend they're on MythBusters, but instead of building machines to test urban legends they build machines based on the schematics of Leonardo Da Vinci.

My faith in the Discovery Channel had dwindled exponentially as they increasingly turned into the number one cable network for people with relatives from Alaska who like watching things explode in slow-motion. You have no idea how much I needed this.

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"It was just like the Boston Tea Party!"

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The "tea party" protests, like every other thing right-wingers do that involves comparing themselves to previous struggles in American history, neglect a very significant difference: the founding fathers weren't enormous pussies.

Let's get this straight- they want to compare to the Boston Tea Party- the spark of a conflict that led to armed rebellion, willful defiance of the ruling government, and years-long war- to a protest they filed paperwork to have, got sponsorship by Fox News, and did nothing to actually alter the government in any way? Gosh, next thing you'll be telling me that most of these guys didn't even try and fight in a war they all cheered for!

These people are pussies. They always are and always will be. They tell other people to fight wars, other people to actually fight the government, and in the case of Glenn Beck, tell other people to go murder people whose views they disagree with. Seeing them with almost no power in government right now is fascinating- like watching an old Friday the Thirteenth movies and wondering how this shit ever scared you.

Thank god Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson did a little bit more than go home and bitch on their blogs, and thank god right-wingers don't want to do anything harder than that.

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