February 25, 2009

Where's your god now?

I guess in all that time delivering flowing sermons praising the glory and salvation of Bobby Jindal, no one in the Republican Party took the time to notice he has the rhetorical skills of Emo Phillips.

More from Oliver. And Singer.

Oh, what the hell. Just read the Free Republic thread. It's like they just found out there's no Santa Claus.

Update: A commenter on MyDD made a point similar to this, and it should bear repeating through the remainder of whatever disastrous presidential crusade Jindal may attempt: last night, Barack Obama tried to talk to the American people like they were adults, and Bobby Jindal responded by talking to the American people like they were six-year-old children.

Second Update: Oh my holy tap-dancing Jeebus. Chris Matthews at the 0:21 mark.

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February 23, 2009

"The universe did not exist until January 20, 2009"

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I touched on this earlier, but let's just assume this is going to be the first of a series. We're one month into the Obama administration and the collective memory loss of the Republican Party would be astounding if it weren't so easy to laugh at. How does John McCain say lines like "mortgaging our children's future" with a straight face? How in the hell can a Republcan congressman utter even a single grunt about protecting White House e-mails? My favorite moment, I'm sure, will be when Republicans start writing flowing op-eds expressing the benefits of the filibuster. I'll give 'em three more months or the retirement of Ruth Ginsburg, whichever comes first.

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