January 31, 2009

Now wait a minute, let's not get crazy here, folks

Newly-elected chairman of the RNC, Michael Steele:

Let me start by saying, the goose egg that you laid on the president's desk was just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Now, folks, I know we're in the era of bipartisanship, but it's easy to be bipartisan when you outnumber the minority two to one. Anyone can be bipartisan then. But I thought it was very, very important that you sent a signal, and you sent it loudly and very clearly, that this party, that the leadership of this caucus, will stand first and foremost with the American people. You made it very clear that in order to grow through this recession, that you would not redistribute the wealth of the people of this nation. That you would empower them to earn it, invest it, save it, and spend it on their terms.

Republican state governors: hey, how much of that wealth can you redistribute to me? Can we get it by Tuesday?

Most Republican governors have broken with their GOP colleagues in Congress and are pushing for passage of President Barack Obama's economic aid plan that would send billions to states for education, public works and health care.

Their state treasuries drained by the financial crisis, governors would welcome the money from Capitol Hill, where GOP lawmakers are more skeptical of Obama's spending priorities.

The 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, planned to meet in Washington this weekend with Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and other senators to press for her state's share of the package.

This isn't really surprising to anyone who knows how to use Google or Wikipedia, and therefore in five minutes would know that red states are the most constant recipients of wealth redistribution, the third largest being the state of Alaska.


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Go gently into the night, giant bowl of Marshmallow Fluff

I'm not going to snark about the collapse of Pajamas Media being "inevitable," since I'll give them credit and confess four years was a hell of a lot longer a run that most people would have given them, myself included, at a Vegas betting counter.

However, I am going to re-link to this little reminder from 2006 about the makeup of this extraordinary venture. As if the post doesn't explain that in itself, this was probably one of the most surreal moments of my four years in DC.

My god. Can you believe it was less than three years ago that these people thought they ran the country?

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January 27, 2009


Is there any chance the Minnesota courts might just rule that Norm Coleman is legally too stupid to be a senator?

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January 26, 2009

"Week one"

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If it wasn't for the last eight years being a nightmarish hell on earth I'd feel really sorry for right-wingers right now. It's kind of getting embarrassing how they have absolutely nothing to throw against Obama.

Obama had a really great first week. I'm both a cynic and a realist so I understand that's going to change, but for now I'm going to be amused at right-wing suffering. We're clearly in a major honeymoon period here, and as far as watching pathetic conservatives flail over everyone on earth recognizing how useless and impotent they currently are goes, this is a honeymoon I couldn't possibly enjoy any more than I do right now without actually having sex with someone.

Buy some crap and join the list.

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January 25, 2009

There is apparently no news anywhere in the world

The L.A. Times has broken the stunning story- one that could completely shatter the mandate of the Obama administration- that apparently, an illustration of Obama is based on a real photograph of him.

Yet another victory in the war on requirements to be called a journalist.

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