December 17, 2008

Caroline I

Late to the party on this one, but for all her good work and status as a fundamentally decent human being, Caroline Kennedy being considered for Hillary Clinton's vacant senate seat is ridiculous. It's even more ridiculous how it's becoming more and more apparent that she will effectively run a successful on-air PR campaign to get herself appointed to the seat.

For Kennedy and her handlers, I guess kudos to them all for having the clever insight to realize that they had a perfect moment to exploit both Clinton and Kennedy's names and turn the seat filling issue into a soap opera with a tinge of American Idol to it. Kennedy is pretty much campaigning for the seat the way a movie studio campaigns to the Academy for a movie to get Oscar nominations.

I guess on the other hand, Clinton was also a newcomer with no previous elected office who won mostly by virtue of her last name, and managed to be a well-liked senator. At least Kennedy has legitimate New York connections. But as Steve Benen pointed out, on the surface it appears that Kennedy has no real reason to even want the seat other than the mere fact that she could have it. Given that New York has no shortage of dedicated, progressive, and lifelong public servants in the state government, this whole deal seems rotten.

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December 15, 2008

"Union coma"

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All the auto companies need to do to get Republicans on their side with a bailout is to just use their words carefully. The right wing has already proven its more than willing to jump up and abuse their power to personally intervene in the life of a single person because of their personal and political beliefs, so why not trick them into doing the same for a few million union workers?

To be honest, my favorite line is actually in the first panel. The unique right-wing coalition of pundits- essentially politicians making over a hundred grand a year and bloggers who either live rent-free in Mom's basement or subside on shitty t-shirt leftnav ad revenue- have decided to declare whether or not a bunch of auto plant workers "deserve" their salary.

So, we're in the home stretch here. As you may know, the "official" deadline for pre-Christmas delivery of stuff was last week. However, I've decided that if you order anything between now and Friday, I will ship it via normal USPS first-class mail. If you're in the lower 48 states, that would mean you'll probably still get it by Dec. 24 if you order before this Saturday or so. Since I can't guarantee that, if it's a concern, I offer priority mail shipping for U.S. delivery as well.

This week's installment concludes our normal operating schedule for the year. Next week: Christmas comic, then vacation. And hey, wondering if it was possible to have an ever bigger man-crush on our new vice president? Yes. Yes it is.

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