December 5, 2008

But first, THE WHORES!

So happy right now.

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December 2, 2008

Wiping up the runoff

When I voted on Election Day, I had to wait two hours with over a hundred other people in line to vote. When I voted in the runoff this morning at the exact same time, there was no wait. Two people were in the room with me, using two of the six available voting booths. So I pretty much knew at 8:45 this morning that there was absolutely no way Jim Martin was going to win this. He was already losing in a deeply red state and this time without the massive turnout coattails Obama brought with him.

There's an Obama (well, now Jim Martin and as of tomorrow, abandoned) office right by my job and it was really interesting watching all the activity going on over there for the last six months. The day after Obama won, all the signs switched from Obama/Biden to Martin and the pace just kept up. When I left work today after polls had already closed in Georgia a bunch of volunteers were outside just singing to music on someone's car radio and letting off steam. Tomorrow the parking lot will be empty and all the signs stripped from the windows. It's not even an issue of feeling happy or sad. It's more like that time in first grade when you got the butterfly kit and spent three months watching the little caterpillars grow up and cocoon and then one morning you just have to let them all fly away. And then that's it. Party's over.

I think, strangely, that most everyone in Atlanta knew what was going to happen tonight but honestly just didn't want the party to end. A lot of you probably got over this already but with the final races being out of the voters' hands, what has easily been the longest election season in American history has finally come to a close. I expect the stories about shark attacks and missing white girls to resume by tomorrow morning.

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December 1, 2008

"Cyber Monday"

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You know, at least with Valentine's Day, it's been around for a long time for the media to pretend it's not just a fabricated "holiday" revolving around buying stuff. "Cyber Monday" is literally a marketing campaign created three years ago by (imagine that) a marketing lobby, and for some reason, the news media feels obligated to report on it every time.

Thankfully, there are no potential dangers or hazards to artifically creating hysteria about shopping. It's a good thing we live in a civilized society.

As you may have noticed at the top of the page, deadlines are now in place for holiday orders. Please consider buying your crap now. Because here, every day is Cyber Monday, only we don't call it that because we don't think you're brain damaged.

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