November 20, 2008

And remember, there's a war on Christmas too

Several left-leaning bloggers are pondering why right-wingers are wailing non-stop right now about the Fairness Doctrine, a piece of legislation that does not exist, is not being planned, and will not be presented in any capacity.

To which I would like to respond with a cartoon that I did six effing years ago.

This isn't really a hard concept. Right-wingers are the opponents of progressives. Progress, you understand, is the act of things improving. Conservatives- people who do not want things to improve- tend to not have a lot of great ideas about making the country better, so when the country is completely in the shithole, saying "we shouldn't do anything" tends to not be a big seller with those stupid American people and their stupid right to vote.

In other words, because right-wingers are totally opposed to actually doing anything, it's necessary for them to act up about something so a slender majority of people think they should actually be paid. And so we are left with a bunch of idiots screaming their heads off about loads of non-existent problems to distract you from the fact that they aren't helping with the real ones. Every minute Limbaugh, et. al. bitch about the Fairness Doctrine is a minute they don't have to spend explaining why they oppose universal health care, ending the war, and protecting the environment, and why they haven't done a damn thing about all three for the last eight years.

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November 19, 2008

We're all experts

I remember a few years back when there was that whole controversy over Saudi Arabia having access to U.S. shipping ports, and I found it funny how everyone suddenly became an expert on international port security overnight. I feel the same way reading all the kneejerk garbage people are saying about the auto industry.

I'm going to be one of the few people out there who's just going to admit that he knows very little about the entire situation other than what I've already seen on the news. But I am also going to point out that I've already gotten really sick of hearing left-leaning bloggers and pundits talk about how they think that we should "let GM fail." I'm not interested in engaging in debate on this, because I don't know a lot about the labor industry and frankly neither do 95% of you. But I'm smart enough to understand that GM is not some evil robot that is defeated by not giving it money. GM is, in fact, a company composed of several hundred thousand workers, not to mention another several hundred thousand parts distributors and manufacturers reliant on the business of said company, who would all be completely screwed if we just let one of the largest companies in America go under.

I suppose when you don't personally live in a particular house, it's a lot easier to just snark that the best way to fix all the problems with it- the leaky roof, the cost-wasting insulation damage, the termites- is to burn the entire house to the ground and hope the residents find another place to live quickly. That doesn't make it any smarter an idea. It's incredibly disappointing to see so many liberals use the same logic for GM as the right-wingers who were asking why we didn't just drop a nuclear warhead on Iraq because that would have wiped out all the terrorists.

And as far as all you quasi-libertarians out there who have once again decided that the union-negotiated salaries of auto plant workers are somehow a reason to destroy an entire company, you're as always a shining example of why I can't even classify you as complete human beings. Wanting several hundred thousand people to become unemployed becuase you're jealous they make more money than you isn't a political philosophy; it's a degenerative mental condition.

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November 17, 2008

"Peeing in your cornflakes!"

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Well, at first I would say the honeymoon's over. But honestly, this isn't even the honeymoon being over. This is catching your spouse joining the Mile High Club with a flight attendant in the coach section bathroom during the flight to Aruba. The honeymoon hasn't even started yet, folks, and.... for godssakes, Lieberman? What the hell, man?

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